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White Pawth

The night is peaceful, enjoy it! Only the howls of a wolfpack are altering the calm. They are white and bushy, follow them!

Who am I?

A pic of myself
From left to right, you can see : Loar, myself, Raksha, Neige and Louvain.
This picture was taken by Pixlilli.

Hi, I'm Eljyenka, a 30 years old French hairy albino with a big beard.

I enjoy lot of things in life like video games, music, movies and I am trying to read more and more but what I like the most are animals, especially wolves and dogs.

I grew up in a modest family with my parents and my two brothers (I'm the middle one). I have always been passionate about computers and new technologies. I studied in those fields, they have brought me a lot of knowledge but unfortunately this passion has died due to professional failures.

Today, I am aiming for a simpler life with fewer problems. I'm learning new skills in the photography field such as taking photos and image processing. All that by myself with the help of friends and the internet. I have a beautiful dog at my side and I want to take great pictures of him.

I did gain some skills but it is still a work in process, not giving up and learning more by the day!

I train daily at Bois de Vincennes where I have the opportunity to take lots of dog’s pictures.

Who is Loargann?

A pic of Loar
More picture of him are availible on Facebook or Instagram.

After two years of a depressing phase, in the end of 2015 Loar cames into my world. Now he brightens my life making it colorful again.

Loargann (Loar for the intimates) is a three years old White Swiss Shepherd, born the 14th of October 2015. He is adorable, obedient and he made my life happier than ever.

Since he is with me, he has brought me a lot of things. Thanks to him I am losing weight, I am opening myself to others, I am learning new things but most importantly he made me rediscover my smile.

I love him so much, I would do anything for him, just hoping to make him happy too.

In October 2018, Loar has officially been accepted by the Committee of Breeders for the Tamaskan Dog Register as an outcross stud for the breed. I’m so proud of him, we will participate to this great project!

The name "Loargann"in Breton (A language of the Brittany region of North West France) means: Moonlight and its diminutive "Loar" meaning Moon.

About Loar's health

What is "White Pawth"?

A pic of us
This pic was taken by Nyo.

It's the name of our pack / family / team / band... For now it is only the two of us, but who knows, maybe we could be more in the future.

JR The Werewolf?

Une photo de JR

It's a small creative project where I try to stage a Lego werewolf in our world. I imposed myself some limitation such as using only my camera, my Helios 44-2 lens and Lightroom.

You can follow this on Instagram.

Where are we?

A pic of Paris

We are in France 🇫🇷, mostly in Paris (12ar), sometimes in the surrondings of Plouvien (Brittany) and maybe somewhere else.

In Paris, we are mostly in the Bois de Vincennes. So, if you want to walk with us, feel free to join The french Facebook group : Promenons-nous au bois de Vincennes.

What's my gear?

a pic of my camera

If you want to follow me (Eljyenka),

I'm on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Steam and Trakt.tv.

If you want to follow us (White Pawth),

you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

If you have a question about something,

feel free to send me an email at contact@whitepawth.com, you can also chat with me on Facebook Messenger.

If you want to use my content,

my content is under the Creative Commons licence : CC BY-NC-ND 3.0.

If you want to pay me a coffee or a beer,

you can do it via PayPal.

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